Tim Goodson
Worship Pastor, FBC Florence

Arrangements for a variety of ensembles/instrumentation or genres; Recording sessions; Instrumental tracks.

Worship Leadership

Revivals; Conferences; Retreats.


Vocal; Instrumental (piano, guitar, bass, drums/percussion, and low brass instruments).

     My name is Tim Goodson and welcome to my website. I currently serve as the Worship and Sr. Adult Pastor for First Baptist Church in Florence, MS. One of my passions is creating new music. I enjoy all aspects, including writing, arranging, recording, and performing. Click the "Music" tab at the top if you'd like to browse through some of my newer songs. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to add an "Inspiration" tab to share the thoughts and ideas that went into writing each of these songs. I have recently added links for album purchases through iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Thanks for visiting my website and please feel free to drop me a line at the bottom of the page.

a first for me ...

     A new and good friend of mine, Doug Spires, challenged me to do something I'd never done before - co-write. The task seemed daunting at first. Who does what? How will we share the responsibilities? Who is credited for what? Like I said, this was a first for me.

     We decided that he would write the lyrics and I would write the music. However, we both of us consulted the other and offered constructive criticisms for the other's part. I'll just say, the lyrics blew me away and made it easy for me to construct a congregation-friendly melody. Hopefully someone will hear this song and discover for the first time a truth that is essential to our faith: Jesus is everything we need. In the joy, in the sadness, in the temptation, and in everything in between, Jesus truly is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Have a listen to "Everything to Me" on my music page.